Monday, January 24, 2011



I am up .2 since last week.

In the last week, I have worked out almost 9 hours. And this isn't pansy working out. This is running 3 miles without stopping. I hate running with a white hot passion. I also did an hour of kickboxing. Two hours of humilation via a burlesque-style chair dancing class.

I have kept my calories/fat/carbs within what myfitnesspal is telling me to do. So, my calories have ranged between 1200-1400/day. NO cheating. Every bite of food that goes in my mouth is logged.

IT ISN'T FAIR!!!!!!!!

I may end up cheating today- french fries covered melted cheese with some bacon on top sounds divine. If I'm going to stick to the diet and have nothing happen, why not?

Sunday, January 16, 2011


So I've really fallen in love with I don't know why it clicks for me better than sparkpeople did, but it does. I like that it shows me how many calories I have left.

Having said that, I'm appalled at how little I can actually eat in a day (particularly when I simply MUST have a can of mountain dew every day, and at least one piece of bread). I honestly thought my portion sizes were ok, and that it was my food choices that were bad. I still think to a certain extent, that's true. I mean, if I gave up bread and mountain dew, I could "afford" a ton more veggies. I went to lunch with someone at Carl's Jr recently, and they had a big plate of nachos and a big burger. I felt very virtuous with my chicken strips, and thought my food choices were awesome. Maybe they are, comparatively. But, the choices I was making obviously weren't working for me, as I've been struggling to lose weight for years now, and not seeing any success.

Now, I find myself incredibly irritable, but I really expect I'll see a great number on the scale. I think SEEING success makes it easier to be good with my food. In the past, I'll eat really well for a week or so, and not see anything, so I'll give up. Because of this competition, I've pushed past that first week (I started a week or two before you all did), and think I'm going to really start seeing results soon.

So, now I fantasize about eating crappy, sweet, sugary foods, and what I'll reward myself with at various loss stages (cute jeans and massages and pedicure figure heavily into these rewards).

Monday, January 10, 2011

Not a good start

PMS has ill timing for me this week. I could feel the bloating/cravings coming on yesterday. I dreaded getting on the scale, and actually decided to go to the gym before weighing myself. I am up 1.6 pounds this week- 155.6. Lame.

I actually feel like I did well this week. I exercised for 60-70 minutes 4 different times. I was careful about what I ate. I'm even cutting down on my soda. Hopefully this is just a hormone thing, and next weigh in will be better.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Challenge!

I have started a new weight loss challenge with some very good friends.

I didn't take a picture of my beginning weight either. bad, bad me!

But, here's my beginning stats:

weight: 154


Bust: 39
waist: 34.5
hips: 39.5

I need to eat better. The quality of the food I eat isn't that bad, though I do have a penchant for chocolate. I've noticed that I try to not eat, thinking to save calories. Then, my blood sugar drops dangerously low, and I'm starving, cranky and panicky. At that time, I start craving sugary, crappy foods, and I generally give in because I haven't eaten all day. Thus, at the end of the day, my calorie numbers are ok, but the consistency is bad. I think I'm going to try loosely following a diabetic diet- eating a mix of protein and carbs, and not allowing more than 3 hours to go between eating anything.

Exercise is still going fairly well for me. I'm in a good habit with that, and tend to exercise at least 4-5 hours a week. Now that I've gotten clearance to not worry about my heart rate from my cardiologist, I've been better about doing cardio and pushing myself.