Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two steps back

I've noticed I've been back sliding. I've kept my calories down, but almost half of my daily calories has been from Mountain Dew. Predictably, my body is in revolt over the insult.

I am a realtor by trade, and I've had two closings the last couple weeks. The one was extremely stressful and complicated. When I get stressed out, I tend to not eat much, but drink tons of mountain dew (note to self: probably a good idea to not start drinking alcohol if I'm this fixated on soda).

The stress of work has caused my to almost completely undo all of the progress I made.

However, yesterday, I realllllly wanted a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie. I resisted. Then, as I was watching Biggest Loser, I reallllly wanted ice cream (I love to eat ice cream and watch that show. The irony kills me). I didn't eat it.

I had a friend dare me to not eat bread for a week. I accepted the dare. She called it all yeast based breads. I think I'll expand that to any leavened bread (baking soda, baking powder, etc). I can still eat naan, tortillas or the like.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Biggest Loser (the tv show)

I watched the Biggest Loser season premiere.

The first episode always has me weepy. All of these people have so much pain, and want to change so badly.

Abby's story had me in tears. What a terrible tragedy.

It was amazing to Jillian actually CRY! I wonder if that fried her circuit boards? Kidding. Actually, I adore Jillian, and if I were to pick one of the trainers, it'd be Jillian.

There's one thing that really made me angry about the show. The bottom couple, who were up for elimination each lost 13 lbs. SERIOUSLY?! I couldn't do that without amputation. And yet, somehow, that wasn't enough. It upsets me that super dramatic numbers are absolutely necessary and expected. Plus, to get picked, and only be able to stay for a week? Sad.

I would love to know what their actual schedule is there at the ranch. How many hours a day are they actually working out. Just how hard are they pushing the contestants? What are their heart rates at? I would think they couldn't push them too hard or they'd be too sore to work out the next day. If they were worked too hard, I'd think it'd do damage to make them work out every day.

On another note, I am super jealous of the gym there. They have so many cool machines there. That ladder machine looks fun. There's a lot of cool and unique weight machines too. I do belong to a gym, but it really is bare bones. When it comes to cardio machines, there's treadmills, ellipticals, something similar to an elliptical, reclined bicycle, and regular bicycles. The weight machines are very basic. There's not even a captain's chair. On the plus side, they have free daycare if you are able to volunteer in the daycare. My membership costs me $16/mo, including daycare, including classes. That's a screaming deal.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I really need to up my calcium intake. There was an amazing article at WebMD about calcium and weight loss.

The highlights were this: They made a group of mice very fat. They separated the mice into four groups. All were given a calorie restricted diet. Group A got no supplement. Group B got calcium supplements (like tums), Group C got low fat dairy, and Group D got even more low fat dairy. All of the mice lost weight.

Group A (no supplements): 8% reduction in fat
Group B (tums supplement): 42% reduction in fat
Group C (medium amount of lowfat calcium added): 60% reduction in fat
Group D (high amount of lowfat calcium added): 69% reduction in fat

HOLY CANOLI!!!!! This is HUGE! All four groups were given the exact same food, other than the dairy part. That is an amazing difference.

I've been trying to take at least 500 mg of calcium each day. But, it looks like I really ought to try to find lowfat dairy that I like and get the calicum that way. I hate drinking milk. This definitely bears doing some research though.

I weighed myself this morning, and was a little discouraged to see my weight up a little from Friday. At this point, I'm only down 1.5 lbs from the start of the competition. My body fat is down 1% though, so that's nice.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Doing Well

I don't think I'll post huge weight loss numbers like some of the ladies here will. I never have lost weight quickly. I am usually thrilled with 1 lb a week. I don't expect to be one of the big winners and get money. But, if I lose the weight I want to lose, I think I have won. I'd rather shed 35 lbs off my figure than get some cash prize. If I get both, fabulous!

However, I am going to work really really hard. Knowing people are reading my blog is just the kind of pressure I need.

I am down 2 lbs from my start weight, which is good. I'm pleasantly sore, which is also good. Shape Magazine had a great article this month on some exercises to do to flatten your abs. I did the routine yesterday, and feel it today, which I take as feedback that I did it right. This morning I went to a kickboxing class. I had a lot of fun, though my heart rate was in the 170s for the whole thing, which seems bad to me.

I've kept my calories about 1500-1700 a day. I happen to know that my base metabolic rate is just over 1200, so I think that's pretty good when you take my exercise into account.

I am still working up the courage to take a picture of me as my before. I need to get it done now so that I can see my results. I do have a photo of one of my goals. I bought this dress 18 months ago to wear on a cruise I took last summer. I was just barely too big for the dress by the time the cruise came around. I'm now about 12 lbs over where I was then, and haven't attempted to put on the dress. But, I eventually want to wear this dress, and then have it be too big.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Such a Ditz!

I was just sitting here, thinking about how hungry I was. I thought, "I've just eaten, and I'm this hungry? Wow, maybe I *WAS* eating way too much if I'm this hungry."

I sat for a few more minutes feeling sorry to myself. Then I heard the microwave beep. I remembered that I'd stuck a Smart Ones Parmesan Chicken in the microwave to cook. Never did get it out. D!OH! I remembered the putting it in the microwave, and somehow forgot to get it out and eat it.

Feel much better about my stomach as I munch on this. My mental state? Not so much. ROFL

Monday, September 7, 2009

Learning from the past

I spent the weekend camping, so going on a hard diet/exercise campaign was next to impossible. Instead, I decided to think back over the last couple of years.

I have been trying to lost weight/get toned for two years now. Yet here I sit, weighing as much as I did when I got started. True, I am definitely more fit than I was then, but I am nowhere near where I want to be.

So, what did I do wrong? A lot of things, I think. I still get a bit confused on certain things. But, I'll start with what I know I do wrong.

1- food choices
I can easily keep my calories under 1500. The problem is, I can cheerfully get half of those calories from a Mountain Dew and candy bar. Portion control isn't an issue, it's making wise food choices. While on paper, 1500 calories a day SOUNDS good, if it's not 1500 GOOD calories, I won't lose weight. Trust me, I've tried. Many times.

I love the stuff. Absolutely adore it. I'd go so far as to say I'm addicted to it. I go back and forth as to whether or not I should quit altogether. I have very few, if any vices in life. What is the problem with a 12 oz can a day? The quit part of me reminds myself that I am genuinely addicted, and do I want to go through life addicted to ANYTHING? Secondly, I have quit it several times, and each time I think that having a can every once in a while is ok, I quickly backslide to a 24 oz bottle a day. There's also lots of research out there that soda, even diet soda, is bad for you. Mountain Dew is loaded with high fructose corn syrup, which also has an extremely bad reputation. On the plus side, having a vice makes me more sympathetic to addicts because I have a glimpse of how hard it is to quit something you love.

3- Consistency
I'm good about exercise (well, I was til this summer). I go to the gym at least 3 times a week, but usually, it's more like 4-5 times a week. However, when I decide to start eating a particular way, I don't have staying power. I tend to backslide into my high sugar ways within a few days. I think I need to find a happy medium that allows for some indulgence. Or maybe, I need to just go through sugar withdrawals and adjust.

4- Exercise
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I obviously am doing *something* wrong. I am definitely in better shape than I was two years ago. I notice quite a bit of muscle definition. I can go on a 3-4 mile hike with the two year old on my back and do ok. I did a 26 mile bike ride on a whim when my SIL asked me to go with her so she wouldn't be alone. I try to do weight training 2x a weeks, and then cardio (either walking, elliptical, bicycle, or kickboxing) 3-4x a week. However, my heart rate is still really, really high. I did a health assessment through Hill Air Force Base a couple months ago. I did extremely well in the strength and flexibility sections (I was 90th percentile for my age/size). However, in the cardio section, I had the ability of a much older SMOKER who never exercises. I nearly cried. How could all that hard work not show up? I got a heart rate monitor, and sure enough, my heart rate skyrockets when I just start out. It tends to then settle back down in a little bit, but the test ended before it could do that. I don't FEEL like I'm pushing myself that hard, but my heart seems to think so. I am confused here. The cardio machines at the gym think that for me to lose weight, my heart rate should be under 130. To be in the "cardiovascular training" area, I should be between 130-160 or so. If I'm under 130, I don't feel like I'm working.

When I watch "The Biggest Loser", they seem to be killing themselves. Are they drama queens, or are they working over their target heart rate? I feel pretty good until my heart gets into the 180s. I can be in the 180s for a while, but not forever.

So, here are my goals:

1- I WILL cut back on mountain dew. I don't know that I'll quit altogether, but I think that only having a can once or twice a week is ok.

2- Instead of going on a diet where I focus on all the things I can't have, I am going to focus on what I can have. I will make sure that I get at least 6-8 servings of fruits/veggies, 2-3 servings of dairy (through yogurt or cottage cheese), 25 g. fiber, and at least 60 g. of protein a day. I think if I am eating all that, I will probably not be hungry enough for much sweets. If I have eaten all the nutrients I need in a day, and I want ice cream, then I'll have a sensible portion. I refuse to be one of those people that giggles about how badly they "cheated" on their diet because they had a strawberry and a piece of white bread.

3- I will take vitamins. There are several studies out there about how people who are nutrient deficient tend to gain weight and have trouble losing weight. I'll take a multivitamin, fish oil supplements (because I think fish is NASTY), and calcium.

4- I will continue to exercise. In fact, I think I'll actually consult a cardiologist on my heart rate issues and see what he/she thinks is my issue.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 1


Wow. That's all I can say.

I've been trying to lose weight pretty much ever since Z was born. I lost a little weight in the beginning, but it stalled. For the last few months, I felt like my calorie counting and gym workouts weren't doing much. This summer, I have been really busy with work (a very good thing), and the kids were out of school. It was nearly impossible to get to the gym, and I stopped paying attention to what I ate.

I have learned that the exercise and eating well WAS making a difference. I pretty much hadn't weighed myself since June, but could tell from clothes fit that I had gained weight. The sad part was that it turns out I'd gained nearly 10 lbs over the summer. YIKES.

I am now officially the heaviest I have ever been outside of pregnancy or recovering from pregnancy. In fact, I weigh what I did when I delivered my first two children. Ugh.

As depressing as it is, I will remember that this is my before.