Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another trip planned

I now haven't had any soda in two full days. It'll be 72 hours in the morning. Go me! My cousin, who is a personal trainer and fitness model competitor, sent me THIS article about how bad mountain dew is for me. I realize that some of his theories aren't totally proven, but it was thought provoking. It made me feel better about my decision to quit.

Also, a couple days ago, we got word that a trip to Japan is probably going to happen. My dh had been planning on going in October for a big conference for a long time. The earthquake in March made it not as likely. However, it's looking like he WILL be going. We've been saving airline miles so I can go, just in case.

This trip is even more incentive to 1- lose the weight and 2- stay off the 'dew even longer. First off, most everyone in Japan is very thin. Even the "heavier" people in Japan would be considered skinny here. Second, finding mountain dew there is practically impossible. I've visited the country twice, and lived there for a while. All three times, I had to deal with the jet leg AND caffeine withdrawals at the same time. Not pleasant. Trust me. Oh, and two of those trips were also in the first trimester of pregnancy too. Whee!!!

I am bound and determined to not have to deal with that this time around. So, it looks like if I am going to go and get addicted again, it'll have to wait until the end of October at the earliest. How about if I don't ever get to that point? I know it's the wrong attitude, but I'm just not sure if I can stay off of it entirely forever.

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