Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Dirty Dash

Well, I completed the Dirty Dash.

Our team had 7 members- 3 ladies and 4 men. We ended up going the full 10k, though most of us walked most of the time. There were many obstacles, including tall bales of hay, balance beams, tubes to crawl through, rope swings, tubes to crawl under, and a good 1/2 mile walking through hip dip water.

Towards the end, there was a huge inflatable slip and slide.  It was easily the funnest part of the race. In fact, when we saw the final two people in our team (they were far behind, as they didn't run at all), we decided to go down the slide again, all together.

All in all, I had a marvelous time.  I didn't mind the little bit of jogging I did do, as I was with friends, and we were covered in mud, throwing mud at each other. I can't wait to do it again.


  1. How fun! I'm so glad your leg didn't slow you down. Congrats on finishing...especially with no injuries.

  2. Whoohoo!! Great job! You are braver than me!

  3. Honestly, I think the leg did slow me down a little, but since a fast time wasn't the goal, it was ok. Leg is pretty much all better now. Yay!