Monday, September 12, 2011

No Exercise

This has been a really tough week and a half for me.  I developed a serious infection on the back of my thigh. It made driving, walking, sitting extremely painful. Exercise has been out of the question.

Two doctors visits and a couple hundred dollars later, and I'm feeling a bit better.  Still can't exercise, but at least I don't look at driving the kids to school with dread.

I would be in a complete panic, since the Dirty Dash is this weekend, except I've been chatting with other people on our team.  Evidently, they all decided that 1- we would be walking it and 2- we'd be taking the 5k shortcut. I was really, really disappointed.  Why have I been training so hard if we're going to make it so easy? However, since I haven't been able to exercise at all for almost two weeks now, part of me is somewhat relieved.  I think I'll need to rest even more so that I'm as healed as possible.  Taking an open wound into mud sounds like a bad idea.


  1. I just did a mud run, and the majority of people walked/ jogged. Once your feet get coated in mud they feel like they have weights on them. Let alone I came out with scratches all over knees and elbows, my friend had multiple giant scratches that went down her legs and my boyfriend came out with only a hyperextended knee, we thought something else happened. There were so many people trying to push it and challenge themselves that the EMT's that were running the show were helping people with sprained/strained ankles, knee problems, cuts, ect. It gets brutal out there!

  2. Oh my goodness! That sounds AWFUL! I hope you feel better soon!!